PRO Tire Gauge [60 PSI] Rating
PRO Tire Gauge [60 PSI] Rating
PRO Tire Gauge [60 PSI] Rating
PRO Tire Gauge [60 PSI] Rating
PRO Tire Gauge [60 PSI] Rating
PRO Tire Gauge [60 PSI] Rating

PRO Tire Gauge [60 PSI] Rating

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When it comes to safe driving, you should be equipped with gears that will help your driving experience always guarded against any danger. Have a right tire pressure that improves your fuel economy, avoids you from accident, preserves your braking system & makes your tires last longer. Surely, this Auto Tire Gauge isn’t just an accessory, it is essential! 

  • 100% Accurate tire pressure gauge
  • Liquid filled protection
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Easy to use anywhere 
  • Designed with rubber casing

Liquid-Filled for Long-Lasting Protection

Auto Tire Gauge gives you the best service! Most of the gauge is just air-filled, which makes the arm oscillating through time & damages the mechanism inside. This Auto Tire Gauge has a huge advantage! The glass panel is filled with liquid to make your reading smoother & protect its mechanism from damaging itself

All in One Package

You definitely won’t break a sweat using this! One of its main features is rotatable ends which makes the pressure gauge is easy to use. It has a rubber tubing made at the perfect length to reach the valve stem. It also has a changeable chuck, a ball & angled one. Its air release valve is included in case you overfill your tire. 

Robust Materials

All materials used by this Auto Tire Gauge is engineered with high-quality & heavy-duty components. It is ensured with great materials for long-lasting usage. Plus, it can handle different pressures.

Buy Now or Cry Later!

Auto Tire Gauge is your greatest driving buddy. Perfect for every individual who loves embarking on long driving trips. Buy yours now before the sale ends!


  • Changeable chuck
  • Rotatable ends
  • Air release valve
  • Includes ball and angled chuck
  • Perfect fit for motorcycles, cars, and SUVs


  • Brand: Dans Auto Brand®
  • Model: Analog tire gauge
  • Item Weight:1.28 pounds
  • Package Dimensions: 10.3 x 5.2 x 2 inches